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Chunky Modern Hoop Earrings

I just had to show off these chunky modern hoop earrings I made using seaglass blue faceted glass beads, copper wire, antique brass chain links and large, thick silver hoops I destructed from – ahem – a dog collar. Just goes to show that anything can be used to create something else.

Barnyard Charm 3 Barnyard Charm


FABULOUS Boho Chic “Glamping” in Style!

OK. so, for a long time now I’ve been thinking about selling everything and hitting the road for a “glamping” excursion (in a retro’d Vintage Airstream Silver Bullet, just so ya know!).

Then, I just happened to come across this website while on a random internet search. 

check out the Magnolia Pearl Clothing website if you haven’t heard of her clothing before. Now THIS is what I’m talking about!