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The New Glass Slipper… Birkenstocks!

I guess you could almost call this a contemporary “Cinderella” tale of sorts.

It all started with a wedding (not mine!)

Weddings, of course, are generally dressy occasions, and for someone who loves to create and “alter” clothing, I absolutely hate getting dressed up, myself.

But the occasion mandated that I bite the bullet and do it.

So I put on my “new”, very lovely and feminine ivory colored high heeled shoes, which perfectly matched my vintage-style floral skirt, and off I went.

 Only to turn back a short time later because MY FEET WERE KILLING ME!!!

creme heels

But what, then, was I to wear? All my other shoes were either black or brown leather, mostly mules and in no way would they have properly adorned my feet for such an important occasion!

And then I remembered.

I had a lovely pair of pink (lavender, really) suede Birkenstock’s that my dear friend, Esther had given me for my birthday in January, and I had yet to wear them.

Honestly, the moment I slipped my feet into these blessed shoes I heard the angels singing!

Can a girl fall in love with a pair of shoes?

I am hooked.

On Birkenstock’s.

I’ve already picked out my next pair, which I’ll be ordering promptly. I’m not going to tell you which ones, though, because I don’t want anyone to copy.

Oh. And who says you can’t “upcycle” your pink suede shoes with a bit of vintage bling???

pink birks 3pink birks 2